I just wanted to send you a brief note letting you know how much we appreciate the care my father received during his rehabilitation with Cassena Care. This was his second stay and my family and I have been very impressed with the quality of care he has received.  
Your staff has been extremely attentive to his needs and made ALL of us feel like members of the Cassena family.  The medical, personal, and rehabilitation care is second to none.  My father’s favorite part of his stay was all the entertainment!  Your strolling musicians played his favorite music and that was the icing on the cake for him. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Cassena Care in making my father’s recovery better than we could have ever expected.
Cathy Tromba-McCarthy

Dear Ms. Silvano;

I had total knee replacement surgery at Stamford Hospital Feb 29 and was discharged to Cassena Care March 3 for rehabilitation. My arrival at your facility was intimidating. It appeared to me that you were expecting me but not at that moment. My assigned room had a TV that ran 24/7 and neither the sound or channel could be turned off/changed. This all disappeared quite quickly and my stay soon became a pleasant experience.

The entire staff treated me with utmost respect and showed sincere interest in my well-being. They would always offer words of encouragement and cheer and would take the time to engage in conversation even though they had many other pressing duties. Never once did I experience any negative “vibes”.

There are member on staff I would like to thank personally. I do not like to single out any one individual for fear that I leave a deserving person out, for which I apologize in advance.

Alva Lindsay Always a pleasant voice to wake up to in the morning. She helped with my personal care through my stay, especially when I first arrived and had difficulty. Continually checking my vital signs and asking, “Are you OK? Do you need anything?”

Jennifer Lagana and Melinda Haschak Always available for conversation and words of encouragement. Made me feel important and stressed my present condition was only temporary and would improve. Kept my medications on time and in proper order.  Monitoring and adjusting my type II Diabetes medication.

Heather Wise For a more in depth view into my situation, this is the woman to talk to. Clear, concise conversation I could understand. Never tried to “push” the discussion along because she was busy. Always took the time to make sure I understood.

Michael Fine and Irene Rueda I saved the best for last. Without these two people, I do not believe I would be as far along as I am today. I do not like pain and when I first arrived, my tolerance level was low.  Gently and ever so carefully, Michael and Irene coaxed the knee to bend and built up my body to prepare me to take care of myself. Always explaining the next exercise and its purpose.  Constantly vigilant to make sure I was safe and able to handle the task. I cannot emphasize enough how Michael and Irene, with their soothing voice and relaxing touch, could get me to do things I did not think I could do.  They instilled confidence in me and recognized my accomplishments with words of praise. When the sessions were over, they made sure I was capable of and did get back to my room without incident.

I arrived in a wheelchair, advanced to a walker, and graduated with a cane.

Please extend my comments to the management, staff and family of Cassena Care with special recognition give to Alva, Jennifer, Melinda, Heather, Michael and Irene.


Lee J. Querro

Testimonial – Dr. Jules White

The nursing staff and aides are outstanding. All the nurses are very knowledgeable and conscientious. I am especially grateful to Eleanor, on the day shifts, and Cindy, on the night shift. Eleanor has wonderful technique with dressing changes, which minimizes the discomfort; she also has a charming sense of humor. The aides appear competent and are very courteous.

The dietary staff are punctual and courteous. The food is generally well prepared and nicely varied. (However, the evening meal could be a little more generous!) The physicians I met were very nice, though I had relatively brief contact.

Therapists in PT and OT were conscientious and supportive. I worked mostly with Michael and Irene. Both are extremely fair people and very nice to work with. I had fewer contacts with the other therapists, but I did like them all. The physical accommodations were generally satisfactory. I did notice many ants in my room and bathroom, and reported this. An exterminator will probably be necessary. Other administrative personnel, including patient advocate and social worker, were pleasant in my brief contacts.

In summary, I am very appreciative for the care I received, and I wish you all continued success in the future.

Jules White, M.D. 3.34.16

P.S The facility should look into the possibility of providing transportation to physician’s offices.

I have been a patient at Cassena Care in Stamford, and I was very pleased with the treatment I received during my stay at the facility. Especially, I was impressed with the Rehab Department. I would like to acknowledge Chocolate, Greg the Physical Therapist and Gustavo who is an Occupational Therapist. Thanks to their high qualifications, I learned to take care of myself and being prepared for the near future. Also, I would like to acknowledge the nursing staff. Mainly, Barbara who is CNA and MRS, Sterling who works as a CNA on a 3-11 PM shift, and also Vanessa, the nurse. They were very attentive, and responsive to my needs. Thanks to their dedicated work, I am able to walk out and provide personal care with no help. I am scheduled for knee surgery for 7/19/2016. After that I definitely would like to come back to Cassena Care in Stamford again.

Victor Roman

I feel that the best department at the Rehabilitation Center is the Therapy Department. Strongly recommend (excellent, outstanding) for therapy: Greg and Daniel. They provided assistance when I was doing my exercise. They explained to me the benefit of doing exercise for the different muscles of my body. It was easy for me to get along with them. Easy to have a conversation, and they know what they are talking about. Daniel gave me more time than normal to do more exercise. Due to the exercises, I feel stronger after I had bypass heart surgery.

Raul Madruga